Vegan Faux Leather Pants – Denim & Leggings

Everyone loves that chic biker moto look, it’s been a classic style since the 60’s and every girl will forever posses a go-to leather moto jacket & leather pants in her closet. These days, the vegan faux-leather is found more frequently than 100% genuine leather. Not only because it’s ridiculously more cost effective, but also because in modern times we’re more eco conscious and tend to shop with an awareness about animal cruelty. Making faux leather the right choice for both our wallets, and our conscience, knowing we’re doing the right thing. We can achieve the same look, the same vibe, and complete the outfit and look just as good, if not better – while being cruelty free and ensuring our purchasing practices did not cause harm to any people or animals during manufacturing.

We’ve all hear it before……

“Beauty is pain”

But if we decide that we are willing to endure any semblance of pain in the pursuit of fashion, than that pain should be ours and ours alone. We each have the right to decide how high our heels will be, and the acceptable tightness of our pants, but that is a decision we make for ourselves, about ourselves, and should not involved hurting any other person/animal in the process.


Knowing that we’re a more mindful, evolved society these days… I wanted to help lend a hand a draw attention to some of the best cruelty free , vegan leather pants we’ve seen this season.

1. Free People Spellbound Coated Bootcut Jean

a sultry, form-fitting bootcut pant with a slick coated fabric featuring front slits at the hem


2. Free People Penny Pull On Flare

a mid-rise, pull-on faux leather pant with a skinny fit top and exaggerated flared leg with two patch back pockets


3. Plush Fleece Lined Liquid Legging

a slick lined black pleather legging with an extra layer of fleece lining to keep you warm in the cold weather


4. Plush Fleece Lined Liquid Moto Legging

sleek moto pleather leggings with seamed panels and fleece lining


5. So Nikki Pleather Legging with Ankle Zip

A stretchy pull-on legging with ankle zip details


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