Sexy Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Stuff your friends or girlfriends stockings this year with sexy little unexpected gifts that she’ll REALLY love. From hanky panky sexy lace thong underwear, nipple pastease in various symbols and designs, violent lip tattoos in a variety of gorgeous colors, other intricate intimates like lacey bra tops.


Jewelry always makes for a great easy stocking stuffer as well…. fun pieces you won’t find anywhere else at great prices…. and jewelry items are small pieces that can easily fit inside a stocking without taking up much space. Our fun inexpensive costume jewelry pieces are a great add on to any stocking you are creating for the females in your life!


Don’t forget about our favorite sunglasses line, SHAYDEES which is a nicer more expensive item that can also fit inside a stocking. And it’s a guaranteed hit!


Also make sure to check out our Tech & Gadgets section and see what other small electronics and fun gadgets you may like… many of them are small enough to fit in a stocking as well.


Hanky Panky Underwear

Violent Lips





Tech & Gadgets

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