22 oz. of Refreshing…Vodka? | “This Could Be Vodka” Water Bottle

Looking to have some fun with your gym look? Show the world you don’t just work hard, but play hard too, with our awesome “This Could Be Vodka” water bottles.

With a single-wall construction and a twist-on lid, this 22 oz. BPA-free Eastman Tritan ™ clear water bottle is available in black, white and purple.

This Could Be Vodka Water Bottle Black This Could Be Vodka Water Bottle Purple This Could Be Vodka Water Bottle White








“I sent a bottle each to my closest friends and it became the talk of the week”said our very happy customer Sam.

So weather you plan on gymming it, hiking it, or going for a run, if you want to make your sport’s day just a bit more fun, this bottle needs to be with you.

That being said, get your very own now!

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